Robin Samuelson on BOF nominees, and why he thinks Bristol Bay may get a seat yet

Feb 6, 2016

Samuelson was in Juneau Tuesday, just after Walker published his nominees for Board of Fish seats. Back from that trip, he offered more perspective Friday morning.

From Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 5:  It came as a bitter surprise Tuesday morning when Governor Bill Walker’s nominees for the Fish Board did not include a name from Bristol Bay. While there’s nothing written to say the Board should or must have a representative from the region with the world’s largest sockeye fishery, etc., etc., it’s been customary since 1975. Rather than put Dillingham’s Fritz Johnson up for another term, or substitute another person from the Bay, Walker put Robert Ruffner of Soldotna up for another go at confirmation. He fell just shy of the necessary votes last session, and rumors are that Ruffner is not entirely committed to the idea of going through that legislative gauntlet again. But for now, Bristol Bay is off the list. Robin Samuelson happened to be on his way to Juneau that morning, and was all over the news by that afternoon, not mincing words about how he felt about the nominees. Samuelson got back to Dillingham Thursday night and stopped by Friday morning to offer more thoughts.

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