Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 5, 2016

Feb 5, 2016

Reaction to Board of Fish nominees, why felony prosecutions often get reduced, DPD has bodycams, kids learning to trap, and Winterfest has its queen. 

"Perryville is a hidden treasure far down on the Alaska Peninsula. With mild weather and beautiful rocky beaches, it is a popular spot for bird and marine mammal watching, as well as taking in the awe inspiring beauty of the mountains and surf that surround it. -Liz Julian, Alaska Peninsula and Becharof NWRs.
Credit Liz Julian USFWS

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 5: On this week's show, Robin Samuelson offers (slightly more subdued) reaction to the Governor's Board of Fish nominees, and why he thinks Bristol Bay might keep a seat yet. "I've never talked that strongly to a Governor before in my life, and I let him know how displeased we are. He didn't call Senator Hoffman, he didn't call Bryce Edgmon, he didn't call anyone in Bristol Bay," Samuelson said, fresh back from face-to-face time with Gov. Walker in Juneau.  On a local social media forum this week there was a lot of discussion on how criminal cases are prosecuted, including the common method of temporarily reducing felony charges to misdemeanors. Defense attorney Chris Lesch joins to explain why that happens. "You cannot be held in jail for more than ten days on a felony complaint, unless your case is taken to the grand jury," he said. Plus, police officers in Dillingham are now all equipped with body cameras, youth are out trapping fur bearing animals, and Winterfest has its queen. "I knew I had been nominated, but I did not know that I had been selected, so it was a suprise," said Heidi Steinberg Friday morning. 

The 4-H trapping course is keeping area youngsters engaged this winter, and works well enough even with no snow.
Credit Molly Dischner, KDLG

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Heidi Steinberg was named Winterfest Queen 2016 Thursday night in Naknek.
Paul Liedberg of Dillingham stops to send a text message after a ski from Twin Lakes to the Wood River last Saturday.