Levelock man sexually abused teenager, say troopers

Sep 1, 2016

Eric Andrew Tallekpalek, 21, arrested, told authorities he was drunk but thought the sex with his 14-year-old relative was ‘consensual.’

KDLG: Following an investigation that started with a tip to the Office of Children’s Services, state troopers have arrested Eric A. Tallekpalek of Levelock. Tallekpalek is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl, a relative, on July 30.

OCS notified state troopers of the alleged crime on August 9, and an investigation was opened. 

The victim relayed to authorities that Tallekpalek was drunk and had followed her home through the village. Despite her protests, he pulled her into the woods and had sex with her.

King Salmon-based trooper Jesse Lopez flew to Levelock to interview Tallekpalek in person, who acknowledged having sex with the teenager twice, once before the fishing season, and once after. “Tallekpalek went on to say the second time he had sex was when he got back from fishing he was drinking a lot and could barely remember but he heard about it,” Lopez wrote.

Bail was set at $20,000 at his Wednesday arraignment.

Authorities are still prosecuting a similar case charged earlier this year involving the same teenage victim.

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