Congressman Don Young

Sealaska Endorses Don Young

Aug 13, 2014

Alaska’s current congressman has received an endorsement from the state’s largest regional native corporation.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Alaska natives and the use of migratory bird parts was the subject of a legislative hearing in the US House Thursday.   KDLG's Chase Cavanaugh has more. 

Act that Curbs EPA's 404(c) Authority Advances in House

Jul 21, 2014
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

A measure that would reduce the Environmental Protection Agency’s 404(c) authority advanced through the House Transportation Committee last week.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

United States Coast Guard

With the purchase of Alaska in 1869, the United States became an Artic nation.  Though it shares that honor with several other countries, its goals in the region have not been strictly coordinated.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has the details on a government appointment that hopes to change that.

Alaska Refugees At Risk in Border Dispute

Jul 16, 2014
US Department of Health and Human Services

Possibly the biggest domestic political conflict at the moment is the sudden influx of undocumented children to American borders.  With Immigration and Customs enforcement lacking the resources to adequately detain and process these individuals, President Obama has asked for additional funds.  But depending on where these funds come from, there may be unintended consequences.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Highway Funding Legislation Passes House

Jul 16, 2014

A major transportation infrastructure bill has cleared one half of Congress.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Congressman Don Young

An attempt to defund the Denali Commission in the House of Representatives has failed.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Congressman Don Young

A new piece of job training legislation, which reauthorizes a Clinton-era act, has passed the US House.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Don Young

Newly introduced legislation hopes to push back against presidential action that limits the use of certain marine areas.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Forrest Dunbar Campaigns In Dillingham

Jun 30, 2014
Chase Cavanaugh

Don Young is the most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, and has served since the 1970s.  However, with the recent corruption allegations against him, Young’s seat is viewed as vulnerable.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on his Democratic opponent.

House Passes Bill Allowing NPR-A Exploitation

Jun 27, 2014
United States Geological Survey

While energy production has increased across the country due to new technologies, that same trend hasn’t spread to Alaska.  A new bill in the US House hopes to remedy that trend.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

The Social Security Administration is considering changes to services available in its field offices.  Congressman Don Young

opposes these changes because he believes they will hurt rural Alaskans.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Dunbar Speaks Out on Young Corruption

Jun 24, 2014

Alaska Congressman Don Young was recently found guilty of misusing over $60,000 in campaign funds. In the wake of these violations, his Democratic opponent, Forrest Dunbar is speaking out.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Forrest Dunbar campaign

Congressman Don Young is the longest serving Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives and many political observers believe he’s nearly unbeatable. However, he will likely face a Democrat in the November General Election with an impressive resume and a will to win. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

All 3 members of Alaska’s Congressional Delegation addressed the relationship between the State of Alaska and the Federal Government during the “Federal Overreach Summit” that wrapped up Tuesday in Anchorage. KDLG’s Mike Mason listened in and filed this report.