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Dillingham’s citywide cleanup has been postponed until tomorrow due to inclement weather. It was scheduled to start today.

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The Alaska Department of Transportation is still working to acquire right-of-way for the downtown streets project. The city applied for a grant to fix other downtown streets but the request was denied.


Before the salmon season begins in earnest, Dillingham will pray for safety and remember those lost at sea.

Summer work planned at Dillingham dock

May 9, 2016

Among the many projects on tap around Dillingham this spring and summer are a couple at the dock and harbor.

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What's the City to do with the Carlson House? At a meeting Tuesday, the committee left just 3 options on the table: a Veterans memorial, an historic museum, and USFWS office space. 

Carlson House Committee poised to make a recommendation

Nov 30, 2015
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More than a decade after Dillingham took possession of the Carlson House, the city is moving toward a decision on what to do with the old home and the lots it sits on.

Dillingham fine-tuning incinerator operations

Oct 16, 2015
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Dillingham's new incinerator has been burning all summer, but the city says it's still making adjustments.

Dillingham re-elects Ruby

Oct 6, 2015

The ballots have been counted and --- unofficially --- Dillingham voters re-elected Alice Ruby to serve as mayor.

City auctioning Bingman apartments

Oct 6, 2015

The City of Dillingham is looking for a new owner - and manager - of about seven apartment buildings it acquired through foreclosure this summer.

Dillingham city council candidates run unopposed

Sep 30, 2015

Dillingham has three candidates for three seats on the city council.

Bristol Bay Borough election set for Oct. 6

Sep 29, 2015

The ballot for the upcoming Bristol Bay Borough election features three candidates for two assembly seats, and three candidates for two school board seats.

Four seek to serve as Dillingham mayor

Sep 29, 2015

KDLG News puts questions to Holly Johnson, Tracy Hightower, Dave Gladden, and Alice Ruby ahead of next Tuesday's election.

City of Dillingham

In April, the DMV office in Dillingham went to reduced hours -  Monday - Friday from 11:30 - 3:30 - to save costs. Those new hours, combined with the annual surge of summer customers, is making for some long waits ahead of fishing.

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On Wednesday afternoon, about 10 people stood in the small lobby outside the DMV office, waiting their turn to be served.

Kent Anderson owns a sport fishing camp on the Nushagak River. He came to register the six boats he’ll be using with his guests this summer.

The City of Dillingham is looking for recommendations of what to do with the Carlson House.

The property was owned by a prominent Dillingham family, who donated it to the City. City manager Rose Loera says the house has mostly been boarded up for the past decade:

"There’s a lot of mold and foundation issues in the house itself, and so, once that was determined, then nothing ever happened with it."

The house may be costly to renovate. Loera says there is some money donated by the Carlsons that could be used for restoration.

City of Dillingham presents: Interactive Web Map

Jun 2, 2015
City of Dillingham

The public can now access information about plats, parcel ownership, and city infrastructure with the click of a button. 

For nearly a decade, the City of Dillingham has been developing a new tool for planners and homeowners. It’s an interactive web map where anyone can click through a wealth of information about land and infrastructure.

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