Twin Hills man arrested for harassment of young children

Aug 29, 2016

Robert C. Nicholai, 53, arrested on charges he touched three children after luring them into his home.

KDLG:  A 53-year-old Twin Hills man was arrested Sunday following allegations he molested three young children.

According to a charging document, state troopers had been investigating Robert Charles Nicholai since an August 10 report involving two children. A parent of a third victim called two weeks later to ask why no one had interviewed another child. All three are under 10 years old.

State assistant district attorney Pamela Dale took a hard line at Nicholai’s arraignment Monday morning in Dillingham.

"This individual, he's a pedophile, and he's a predator," she told the court. "We have at least three victims in this case, and of tender years. The defendant's previously been convicted of sexual abuse of a minor second degree - contact three other times, once in 1990, and one case in 1998 with two counts."

Troopers allege he lured at least two of the children into this home where over-the-clothes molestations occurred. Nicholai was arrested Sunday, charged with three counts of first degree harassment. Dale said this case may get more serious as the evidence is further investigated.

"We might be talking about sexual abuse of a minor in the second or third degree here," she said. "At a minimum this is the harassment one, and with his prior criminal history there would be the aggravators for a year in jail for each one of these counts."

The magistrate judge ordered Nicholai held on $10,000 bail and he’ll need a third party custodian to be released.

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