Sockeye Harvest as Part of the Port Moller Test Fishery Increase on Thursday

Jun 14, 2013

Catches as part of the Port Moller Test Fishery ticked up sharply on Thursday. 157-sockeye were caught, which is way up from the 77 fish caught on Wednesday.

117-sockeye were taken from Station 6 with 17 sockeye at station 8. The harvest at station 4 was 16 sockeye and there were just 7 fish taken from station 2. No fish were harvested at station 10. 127 of the sockeye were taken from the 5 1/8 inch mesh panels with 30 fish taken from the 4 ½ inch mesh panels.

You can take a look at the updates from the Port Moller Test Fishery on the website of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association at

Crewmembers working on the R/V Pandalus.
Credit Mike Mason