Schlosser pleads in gun theft case

Feb 2, 2017

Given 300 day jail sentence in return for plea to misdemeanor theft charge. State says still prosecuting four other men involved in theft of 17 guns last October.

One of five men involved in the theft of 17 firearms from a Dillingham residence has pleaded guilty and been sentenced. 

Audio Transcript: 25-year-old Craig Schlosser pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of attempted second degree theft and received a flat sentence of 300 days in jail. Assistant District Attorney Pamela Dale says he was behind the October 8 burglary of a house whose owner was away from town for work.

"Mr. Craig Schlosser was in the vehicle with two other juveniles, and the juveniles went into the residence and stole 17 guns and rifles. Twelve of those have been recovered. So they got the guns and rifles and went on to Donald Johnson and Reece Johnson and those individuals have been charged also," she said at Thursday's court hearing.

Schlosser was originally charged with three felonies, but pleading to the misdemeanor, Dale said, actually allowed for more jail time under new criminal justice rules.

"He’s doing jail time in lieu of getting a felony. He’s young, and hopefully he’ll never be back, but he’s avoiding a felony charge by taking the jail, because he wouldn’t be getting this much jail time under SB 91, but he would’ve been getting a felony. So it’s a good tradeoff for him.”

Magistrate Judge Tina Reigh accepted the plea, and agreed to the sentence of 300 days proposed by the prosecution and defense.

"My hope is that it’s so much time that when you’re released from jail you never, ever want to go back there again," Reigh told Schlosser.

The burglary victim was in court and said he’s be putting a no trespassing order in place on the suspects.

Dale gave credit to Dillingham Police for a throughout investigation.

"I just have to say, hats off to the Dillingham Police Department. They pounded the pavement for two weeks, resolving this very convoluted, important case. And all of the individuals involved are going to be held accountable through the judicial system.”

Dale said the five guns not recovered were worth more than $2100, adding that she intends for the two juveniles to be required to pay that back to the victim as restitution.

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