R&R Whiskey Importers Busted

Jul 26, 2013

WAANT Officials seized seven bottles bound for Togiak, and five more already in Manokotak. Both are dry villages. Massa Nukwak, 41, was arrested.

DILLINGHAM:  Last week, five 1.75L bottles and two 750ml bottles of R&R whiskey were on their way to Togiak in the backpack of Twilla Anton, 19, but were intercepted at the airport by WAANT Investigator Nasruk Nay. The bust came courtesy of an anonymous tip.

Anton is likely to face some charges, but the WAANT investigation focused on Massa Nukwak, 41, who currently lives in Manokotak. Officials said Nukwak purchased the alcohol at the liquor store in Dillingham, then gave them to Anton to take to Togiak.

Nukwak is being charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor and with attempted importation to a dry village.

That was on July 18th.

Continuing their investigation, WAANT officials took a report from the Manokotak VPSO that Nukwak was known to be selling bottles of R&R in Manokotak.  After a warrant was obtained, Investigator Nay turned up five 750ml bottles of R&R at Nukwak’s residence in the village. At bootleg prices, those bottles are estimated to be worth $150 each.

Two more charges were added against Nukwak; one for importing alcohol to a dry village, and a felony charge for selling the alcohol in the community.

Nukwak was in court Friday, and entered not guilty pleas on all charges. Her bail was set at $2500.