Overdue Manokotak man back safe, says AST

Dec 22, 2016

Two teams of snowmachine searchers set out Thursday morning looking for Marcus Wyagon, who was believed to be walking to Dillingham. He was treated for cold exposure at the village clinic.

KDLG:  A ground based search and rescue was spun up Thursday morning looking for a man reported missing from Manokotak, but state troopers reported before noon that 25-year-old Marcus Wyagon had been found.

State troopers in Dillingham say they were notified late Wednesday afternoon that Wyagon was considered overdue, and may have started walking to Dillingham up to 48 hours prior.

AST Sgt. Luis Nieves says authorities were concerned because no one was certain if he was prepared for the trip.

"No one in the village at this point is aware of any particularly clothing that he was wearing that will help us determine whether he’s dressed for the weather or not," he said Thursday morning, before Wyagone returned. "He has reportedly walked this route several years in prior years, and is also reported to be an avid outdoorsman."

Around 11:30 a.m. troopers were notified that Wyagon had walked back into Manokotak and was being treated for cold exposure at the clinic.

Fog grounded an air search Thursday morning, but troopers coordinated two teams of volunteers to check the main trail by snowmachine, one from Dillingham and one from Manokotak.