Nabbed: DPD catches up with wanted man Tuesday evening

Sep 6, 2016

After a tip, Christian Young taken peacefully into custody in the Nerka subdivision.

Officer Pedro Gonzalez escorts Christian Young, 24, of Anchorage, into a police vehicle in the Nerka subdivision Tuesday evening.
Credit courtesy Dillingham Police

DILLINGHAM: A 24-year-old from Anchorage, wanted in connection with a robbery and for felony probation violations, was taken into custody Tuesday evening in the Nerka subdivision.

One final tip led police to Christian Andre Young, and ended a brief saga that had kept area residents a bit on edge through the Labor Day weekend.

"We found him in a home in Nerka. He was underneath a blanket, sleeping on a couch," said DPD chief Dan Pasquariello.

With three officers present, Young was arrested quietly around 5:30 p.m., and will be arraigned Wednesday morning at the Dillingham courthouse.

In a press release, Pasquariello thanked the public for providing information. 

"High news media, and social media notice of the incident flooded DPD with tips throughout the holiday weekend," he wrote. "Police received tips that Young was hiding in the Nerka subdivision, the Neqleq subdivision, the Woodriver Rd, traveling to Clark’s Point, spotted in Ekwok, hiding in Aleknagik, spotted in boats and cars, and living in bushes. Police spent the holiday weekend following up on tips without success."

Pasquariello said despite some earlier warnings, he has no plans to charge anyone with hindering prosecution.

While authorities believe Young was in Dillingham and nearby villages in connection with heroin trafficking, there was no evidence collected during his arrest to support those suspicions, and police have no intention of charging him with any new crimes.

Police initially tried to contact Young ahead of a flight he was ticketed for under a false identity Friday afternoon. He left the airport in another vehicle, and fled that vehicle on foot to elude police. Young was spotted several times Friday afternoon and evening, working his way along Squaw Creek and eventually to the Nerka subdivision. Police say he contacted several people that day, often looking for a phone to use.

Pasquariello said Tuesday morning he believed the wanted man had made it to Aleknagik, and would likely attempt travel to an upriver village to catch a connecting flight to Anchorage.

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