Man charged with rape of an disabled edlerly woman in New Stuyahok

Sep 17, 2016

Tommy Gumlickpuk, 48, held on $100l000 bail following disturbing allegations he sexually assaulted a disabled 74-year-old woman after breaking into her home.

Tommy Gumlickpuk was arrested Thursday in New Stuyahok. An elderly woman said she was raped after he broke into her home.
Credit Dillingham Public Safety

KDLG: A 48-year-old New Stuyahok man was arrested after allegedly raping a disabled 74-year-old woman Thursday.

Several witnesses saw Tommy Gumlickpuk enter the house of the elderly woman Thursday afternoon, and were concerned because he appeared drunk.

Neighbors went to the house to confront him and found the door barricaded, and Gumlickpuk eventually fled out the back. Inside, the elderly woman, who is blind in one eye and cannot speak, relayed what had happened to her using hand gestures.

A state trooper responded to the village to investigate, and a VPO arrested Gumlickpuk. Using visual cues, writing, and interpretation, the victim described a violent sexual assault that had left her in a much pain.

Gumlickpuk was charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault, each unclassified felonies, as well as robbery and theft for stealing alcohol from the woman too. If convicted, he could spend decades behind bars. Tommy Gumlickpuk was ordered held on $100,000 bail at his Friday arraignment.

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