Dillingham Man Hit With Shovel During Fight

Sep 6, 2013

Police say a 9" gash to the back of the man's head matched up nicely with the shovel he claimed he was hit with.

DILLINGHAM:   Police are investigating a Thursday evening fight that put a 28-year old Dillingham man in the hospital with a nine inch gash in the back of his head. Police said he was hit with a shovel.

The fight happened near a house on Lil Larry Road around 6pm Thursday. Both men involved were intoxicated; names are being withheld until charges are filed.

Police have conflicting versions of the events, but they understand that the 28-year old was at the home of a 35-year old man and his girlfriend. Tensions flared and the younger man may have put a large hunting knife to the throat of the other man. The knife was somehow wrested away, and the younger man ended up outside shortly after with a large, bleeding shovel wound to his head. 

Both men deny attacking the other with any weapons.

Members of the volunteer Fire and EMS service were called out to take the younger man to the hospital for treatment.

The police are investigating, and anticipate filing charges on one or both men.