Bristol Bay and Beyond, Nov. 13, 2015

Nov 13, 2015

BBRSDA has a new skipper at the wheel, the Bay should land its 2,000,000,000th salmon next summer, plus AMP tests, wind power, and volleyball. 

Nice to see the snow fly this week.
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Coming up this week, BBRSDA board president Abe Williams talks about the RSDA's new executive director, other business, and how that big forecast for next year has left a few fishermen feeling a little ... gloomy: "You know we have one of the most robust fisheries in the world, but it certainly presents problems from an economic point of view." But don’t let the big run get you down. Wait till you hear what an old KDLG friend has to say about an important milestone Bristol Bay is going to reach next summer: "Whoever catches the two billionth salmon will never be known. Fishing will probably be fast and furious. Anyone could claim credit for catching the two billionth salmon, and everyone should." That’s billionth with a "b" … like in Bob. We’ll get an update on those standardized tests known as AMP that are making waves in the education world, plus check in on those Lady Wovlerines just ahead of this weekend’s at home Spikefest tournament. For our Friday conversation, professor Todd Radenbaugh joins to talk about why large-scale wind power has not yet become a reality in Dillingham. "You need to have a location where you have consistently strong winds, and your windmills need to be able to capture that wind as much of the year as possible." Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news. 

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