Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 19, 2016

Feb 19, 2016

Chief Justice Craig Stowers, why those Nush Peninsula caribou need harvesting, a look around town on a snowy day, a poem to remember Tony Jones, and more ... 

Hard at work Thursday, Sotera Lynn Trapani-Galvan, 9, said she didn't mind finishing some chores before heading out to play in the snow.
Credit Hannah Colton

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 19: This week, Chief Justice of Alaska’s Supreme Court Craig Stowers joins to talk about the future of state courts in tough financial times. "To the extent that it's possible and cost-effective to have some state presence in rural areas, that's a desirable thing," he says. We’ll get an update on how local communities are, or are not, getting policy set on commercial marijuana. Stakeholders are looking for ways to kill more Nushagak Peninsula caribou, which would be good to see happen soon, say biologists like Pat Walsh. "If the caribou population continues to grow unchecked, the habitat will no longer support the caribou that are there, and they're likely to leave, and they're likely not to come back," he tells us. Winter showed up this week, and some youngsters share their dusted-off recipes for snowmen. "Heart eyes and a pencil nose, and rocks for the buttons, and stick for a mouth, and stick arms, and a hat," says 6-year-old Harmony Larson. Plus it’s finally time to start talking about that other winter thing (cue the Beaver Round Up accordion) ... those stories and more, plus a look back at some of the week's news. 

Bikes can wait. This week, snow go's and skis finally came of use again for many in Bristol Bay.
Credit Hannah Colton

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Dusk at the Dillingham Harbor, just after a few fresh inches of snow fell this week.
Credit Hannah Colton