Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 12, 2016

Feb 12, 2016

DOC commissioner Dean William, new ADA Pamela Dale, a ribbon cutting in Newhalen, on the hunt for ursi sightings, and some seasoned spouses share thoughts on making love work. 

Dave and Johanna Bouker have been married 51 years. "Well her cooking's gotten better," said Dave, when asked what's kept the two together.
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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 12: This week, a conversation with the new Dept. of Corrections commissioner following an assault at a state jail that left a Dillingham man hospitalized this week: "We are stretched thin in locations," said Dean Williams, though not attributing staffing shortages necessarily to the incident at Wildwood Correctional Center. Bear tracks have been popping up around the area. We'll go on the hunt for ursus sightings, and whatever else is leaving prints: "It looked like a rather large human footprint with five toes, right alongside the road," says Gary Nielsen, referencing a possible hairy man track discovered in Kokhanok. The Malamutes christened their new gym in Newhalen last night: "It was a packed house, and just having the capacity to have all those people there comfortably and safely was wonderful," said Ty Mase, the LPSD superintendent Friday morning. Plus, we'll introduce Dillingham's new prosecutor, and ahead of Valentine's Day, we ask a few folks what's made the difference in their love lives through the years. "Well her cooking has certainly gotten better," said Dave Bouker, who has been married to Johanna for 51 years. "Oh my gosh, is that the reason you're sticking around? Oh no, I'm sick of cooking," she said. 

Mount Mable, northwest of Dillingham, as photographed this week during a snowshoe hike along Silver Salmon Creek.
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