Bristol Bay and Beyond, Dec. 18, 2015

Dec 18, 2015

The Fairbanks Four freed, a look at the Governor's budget by the numbers, the Jam Master reviews Star Wars, local ballerinas (and o's) perform the Nutrcracker, plus much more ... 

Not "any antlered bull," but still a sight to see.
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At Santa's Second Shop at the elementary school this week, children picked out lots of Christmas goodies for themselves, er, for siblings, parents and friends.
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Coming up this week, we'll break down the Governor's proposed budget, and head around town to see what some of you think of the new taxes, spending cuts, and Governor Walker himself: "I didn't vote for him, he didn't vote for us, and I think they ought to shut down the government," one old fisherman said.

One cut coming to Dillingham is the likely closure of the district attorney's office and the transfer of the remaining Bristol Bay criminal cases to the Anchorage office. The district attorney supervising there joins us here to talk about what that'll mean: "Regarding a lot of the hearings that are going to occur, the status hearings, the bail hearings, the kind of routine hearings, those are going to most likely be covered by telephone," says Clint Campion.

We strive for a local angle on this week's major theatrical release, and find that angle from an old KDLG friend and colleague: "It was loud, it was big, it was vibrant ... if you're going to see a movie like this, you need to see it in IMAX 3D," the Jam Master Jake Giossi told us (immediately after a late Thursday showing of Star Wars on the east coast). 

Plus, a few local youngsters share with us there ever so humble hopes for Christmas presents in this year of lean times: "I want a Playstation 4 for Christmas. GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. I want internet for it. And a sixty-five inch flat screen TV," one elementary schooler told us.  No lump of coal? Those stories and more, coming up after a look back at some of the week’s news.

The epic battle of toy soldiers versus mice in the Nutcracker played out on a gym floor Wednesday night in Dillingham.
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