Breaking Bad: Dillingham Woman Busted with Meth, Heroin Thursday

Aug 30, 2013

Keli Dumas, 26, was arrested with a package containing black tar heroin and meth. Authorities wonder if the drug problem is getting worse.

WAANT inspecting narcotics busted in a package addressed to Keli Dumas, 26, of Dillingham. Black tar heroin and methamphetamine were discovered inside a birthday card.
Credit KDLG

DILLINGHAM:   Keli Dumas, 26, of Dillingham was arrested Thursday as she left the post office with a package authorities had been led to believe contained drugs.

Dumas was cooperative, and the package was searched hours later. Authorities found black tar heroin and methamphetamine, with enough of each to indicate the drugs were probably going to be sold.   

Meth hasn’t been a common narcotic on Dillingham streets. As KDLG’s Dave Bendinger reports, its appearance this week has the Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team concerned that the drug problem is getting worse.

Happy early birthday ... 3.5 grams of meth and 1.5 grams of black tar heroin were found concealed in this card in a package addressed to Keli Dumas of Dillingham.
Credit KDLG