ATV driver arrested for DUI, assault after dangerous crash

Nov 21, 2016

KDLG: A 26 year old man has been charged with DUI and first degree assault after a dangerous ATV accident that hospitalized two Sunday afternoon in Dillingham.

Audio Transcript: Police say Ingvar Daniel Johansen III, 26, was driving fast and recklessly with a female passenger from Togiak on Kanakanak Road, heading towards downtown Dillingham. Witnesses reported he was driving more than 35 miles an hour, passing vehicles, and swerving erratically between the Airport "Y" and Gladdens Apartments.   

The ATV lost control and rolled, throwing both Johansen and the female passenger hard onto the pavement.

Both were transported by volunteer EMS to the hospital. According to a police report, the female had serious head injuries and was kept overnight for observations. Johansen was released from the hospital hours later and arrested for DUI, driving on a revoked license, reckless endangerment, and first degree assault. 

Police say Johansen appeared highly intoxicated after the accident. At the scene, three bottles of R&R whiskey were recovered, including one that was half consumed.

One witness told police Johansen had stood over the victim after the accident and yelled at her to get up so they could leave, appearing as though he was going to kick her until the witness yelled at him to get away.