Are You 'Life Below Zero' Material?

Aug 21, 2013

Alaska-based reality TV show looking for off-the-grid types living "on their own terms" for possible upcoming seasons, says executive producer.

Deadliest Catch. Yukon Men. Flying Wild. Alaska State Troopers ... Alaska, it's people, and jobs, have provided no shortage of material for reality TV. Several of the hit shows have earned the loyal viewership of millions around the country over the past decade.

Travis Shakespeare is the executive producer of "Life Below Zero" on NatGeo, a relatively new addition to the Alaska-based reality show lineup. He says Alaska has a romantic appeal that can't be matched in the lower-48. That something about the way many here live life on their own terms resonates with Americans' pioneer spirit.

"Life Below Zero" just finished its first season, and depending on what the network chooses to do, may be looking to add more cast members for future seasons. And if you think you're living the kind of life they like to portray, the producers would like to hear from you.

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