Anchorage Woman Caught With Heroin at DLG Airport

Sep 16, 2013

An anonymous tip led WAANT to Cherilyn Serradell, 27, as she arrived from Anchorage. She had black tar heroin in her purse and on her person.

DILLINGHAM:  Authorities made yet another seizure of black tar heroin being brought into Dillingham.  Cherilyn Serradell, 27, of Anchorage, was arrested at the airport Saturday.

An anonymous tip had led an investigator with Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team to believe that an unnamed person would be sending black tar heroin to Dillingham Saturday, using a female passenger to carry it town by plane. The daughter of that unnamed sender met Serradell at the airport, which prompted the investigator to move in on the scene.

Serradell's luggage was seized until a search warrant could be obtained, but she was not arrested and was told she was free to go. Before leaving, Serradell asked if she could retrieve a few belongings from one of two purses she was carrying. As she dumped contents from one purse into another, the investigator noticed a 10-pack of new syringes, and a cellophane bundle that appeared to contain black tar heroin.

Serradell was arrested. A further search of her person turned up an additional amount of black tar heroin.

Authorities described the amounts of each substance seized as small, but both tested positive as heroin, which is a schedule 1A controlled substance under Alaska law. Serradell is facing a class C felony charge for being in possession of the heroin, and is currently on custody on $10,000 bail.