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A USDA grant will fund the state coordinator position for the Farm to School program for two years. Getting more locally grown produce into Bristol Bay schools will be a primary focus.


About 2200 bears live in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The popular webcam, which attracts thousands of viewers daily, gives people a close look at bears' behavior.

The city began receiving reports of problems with water pressure on Friday. Water in the storage tanks is low, but New Stuyahok anticipates that the tanks will refill in the next few days and pressure will be restored.

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At their Monday night meeting, the Dillingham City School District board agreed to offer the interim superintendent role to Glen Szymoniak. For the past two years, Szymoniak has been superintendent of the North Pole Borough School District.

Jones worked at Mesalands Community College in New Mexico. While in Dillingham, he served on the SAFE board of directors and worked for the UAF Bristol Bay Campus.


As Dillingham swells with seasonal workers, Dillingham's police officers are on the road, patrolling to ensure the safety of people and property.

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Responders suspect the Bristol Bay drift boat's stove caught fire. Dillingham Volunteer Fire Dept. and other volunteers able to snuff out the flames quickly. Two were treated onsite for smoke inhalation.

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As Bristol Bay’s population swells with seasonal workers, organizations opposed to mining in the area are redoubling their outreach efforts.

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Belleque Family Farm began selling "shares of the harvest" last week, a weekly subscription to their hydroponic greens.

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Debi McLean has been the director of the Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham since 2002. She retires at the end of the month.

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U Pop Em has moved from their location in the Dillingham harbor where they have sold fireworks since 1993. In more than two decades of experience, owners Billie Benedict and Paul Peck have learned a lot about how to run a fireworks business in rural Alaska.

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An art gallery that features area artists' work is now open once a week in Dillingham.

A 25-year-old Ekwok man, who was accused of sexual assault, was found not guilty. He remains in custody, however, for assaulting a police officer and corrections offer before his trial.

Pebble says they are contracting with AES to streamline its business relationships with village corporations around Iliamna Lake.

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In July, the village of Igiugig will complete the second year of its three year Language Preservation and Maintenance Grant. With 23 fluent speakers of Lake Iliamna Yup’ik still living, the village of Igiugig is making a concerted effort to revive the language.