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By Tuesday, ADF&G had 137 moose recorded taken in 17B and 17C this fall, and six so far in 17A that closes after Wednesday. The eastside units have been a little less productive, but some good hunting opportunities are ahead in 9E that is open through Sept. 25.

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In 1931, a Smithsonian anthropologist excavated the bones of 24 men, women and children from a village site near Igiugig. After eight decades in the museum's collection, those remains were reburied near their original places of rest.

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ADF&G's Bristol Bay salmon season summary highlights the incredible year 2017 proved to be: 56.5 million total inshore run was 2nd biggest in 20 years, all rivers met or beat escapement goals, and value (without chilling, floating, bleeding bonuses added in) is nearly double the 20 year average.


Write-in candidates still welcome to register for most races, but deadlines vary. Municipal elections held Tuesday, Oct. 3, or done by mail in the Lake and Peninsula Borough.

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Runners from Port Alsworth placed first in three of four categories at the cross country meet in Dillingham on Saturday.

Troopers, DPD respond to calls for help as pair of hunters reported being chased at high speeds by another man after a minor accident on Snake Lake Road. Ronnie Johnson, 54, charged with two counts of fear assault.

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In more than 50 years of experience with medicine in Alaska, Dan O'Connell has gained the respect of the community and his colleagues for his commonsense approach to medicine and his rigorous commitment to daily fitness.

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The sonar only counted 56,000, just over minimum escapement, but biologists think low water and abundance of sockeye hindered the sonar's king counting ability. Post-season aerial surveys found plenty of kings on spawning grounds in all tributaries.


All twelve jurors (it only takes 10 for a verdict in a civil trial) agreed that Fred Knutsen was 90 percent at fault for his Aug. 21, 2012 drowning. Former DPD officer Ramon Golden was 10 percent to blame, said the jury, because of his inflammatory language that did not help de-escalate the situation. Knutsen's two children were awarded $38,000 total, to be paid by the city of Dillingham or its insurance company. However, that amount is subject to paying the plaintiff's attorney, and possibly having to pay 90 percent of the defense legal bill after losing the case.


Res. 2017-08 proposes changes to who gets automatic tax exempt status, which small business must collect sales tax, and raising the sales tax cap from $2,000 to $5,000. A workshop and two public hearings are being planned before it comes up for a vote.


The Berkoskis, both educators, say they have other careers to focus on, but are still looking to sell the going concern to someone who will run it year-round.


The 2016 Dodge 3500 Diesel with automated lift and CPR capabilities has been in service for a few weeks. A $55,000 state grant helped cover the roughly $250,000 cost for the city's new ambulance.

Enrollment across University of Alaska campuses is down from last fall, but there is an increase in enrollment at UAF Community and Technical College.


The Arctic Council Working Group on Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna met in Bethel last week to discuss strategies for measuring the impact of climate change on circumpolar wildlife.

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Larry Nunn Jr. died in a 2010 construction accident, building a road from HUD housing to downtown Dillingham. Family and friends dedicated a memorial to Nunn this weekend.