Vitus Marine's Jackie M towed the package of previously sunk vessels downriver to Dillingham Monday.


Samaritan's Purse sponsors weekly retreats out of Lake Clark lodge for wounded veterans and their spouses.

The hunt for a dino dancefloor in Katmai National Park

Aug 25, 2015
Ray Troll

Artist Ray Troll and Katmai's Roy Wood were on the search for evidence of Jurassic creatures... and all signs pointed to the stomping grounds of the duck-billed dinosaur. 

National Weather Service

NWS warns water to reach peak midday Wednesday; Unalakleet Mayor not too concerned about flooding.

EPA update on salvage, cleanup of M/V Challenger

Aug 15, 2015
photo taken Thursday

As of Thursday, vessel and barge still sit sunk on the Nushagak River. EPA says salvage will be complicated.

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photo provided anonymously

Crew alive, unclear about fuel leakage from Ridge Contracting vessel and barge overturned Sunday afternoon in Nushagak River.


The proposed subsistence hunt would be the first open season on the species since 1987.

In Search of Salmonberries

Aug 5, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

July brought an early and abundant salmonberry season for some of Dillingham's most devoted berry hunters.

Fish waste will be spread over an open cell at the landfill, and should provide compost for gardeners and growers by next year.


The National Park will hold two meetings on how to resolve conflicts between subsistence use and Park regulations around the Pike Ridge Trail. 

Ranger Berkhahn on his retirement, and the Wood Tikchik

Jul 31, 2015

KDLG News paid a visit to Ranger Bill Berkhahn at the Agulapak Cabin, where he was wrapping up his time in Wood Tikchik as a volunteer.

"Hero of Russia" Malakov on another Alaska exploration

Jul 29, 2015

Dr. Mikhail Malakov and companions are expected to be kayaking Cook Inlet, Iliamna Lake, and down the Kvichak River for two weeks.

Recent cool and rainy weather prompts lifting of burn ban in the Southwest part of the state.

Village of Port Heiden

About a 100 residents will be trained to manage the new herd of 60, in an effort to bring back a long-dormant tradition in the region.