courtesy John Christensen

Port Heiden has a corral built and are waiting on reindeer purchased from Stebbins and St. Michael.

Tustumena replacement design shows larger, faster ship

Dec 2, 2014
courtesy KBBI

The replacement vessel for the 50-year-old Trusty Tusty will cost an estimated $237 million to construct.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA declared the Arcitc ringed seal threatened two years ago and now wants to protect waters vital to their existence.   

New activity seen at Mount Shishaldin

Nov 24, 2014
Alaska Volcano Observatory

Shishaldin has been on orange alert for several months but new activity has observes watching carefully.

Bureau of Land Management

BLM is coordinating with the Alaska Miners Association, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and others to provide guidance to miners.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Five corporate officers facing felony charges for illegal discharges of wastewater into Salmon River at the Platinum Creek Mine.

Time to uncover the boats?

Snake Lake staking application open till 11/25

Nov 16, 2014
Dept. of Natural Resources

Information can be found at <landsales.alaska.gov> website.


There's a 58 percent chance that Alaska could experience an El Niño winter but Southeast will see the biggest difference.

Marine Exchange of Alaska

As the storm made its way into the Bering Sea Friday morning, it became clear that it wouldn’t be entering the record books.

"Super" Typhoon Headed Toward Bering Sea

Nov 4, 2014

Nuri may bring enormous seas to the Aleutians Islands by Friday.

KUCB: Shell Seeks 5-Year Extension on Arctic Leases

Oct 29, 2014

The company is seeking a five-year suspension from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to keep its leases from expiring.

Scholars at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire have joined forces with those at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to lead in a new Fulbright Arctic initiative. The new program was created to provide scholars an environment to research and study arctic issues. 

National Park Service of Alaska

The National Park Service will hold 17 public hearings this fall to hear comment on proposed regulations and environmental assessment related to sport hunting in Alaska’s preserves.

The State of Alaska’s Board of Game loosened its grip recently on predator hunting practices in many areas. However, as assistant regional director of communications for the National Park Service John Quinley says the organization is seeking comment because there are some specific problems.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have been studying the waters in the Gulf of Alaska and found that the warmer than normal temperatures are averaging one to five degrees warmer than the September average of 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Seward Line is the long-term monitoring site in the Gulf of Alaska.  It helps scientists understand the details of what is happening in the waters over the Alaska shelf.