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KDLG: Assistant district attorney Pamela Dale dismissed a drug trafficking charge against Chelsea Sam, 23, of Dillingham.

Robert C. Nicholai, 53, arrested on charges he touched three children after luring them into his home.

180 day jail sentence for Ivan A. Gust, 27, accused of stalking 11-year-old girl after family published series of disturbing messages posted on social media.

Quinhagak responds to a series of apparent heroin overdoses

Aug 17, 2016
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

Four overdoses, including one fatal, reported in Quinhagak this week, and authorities believe heroin is to blame.

KDLG:  The Supreme Court of Alaska has again upheld a lower court ruling that allowed the City of Dillingham to foreclose on James Bingman's Sr.'s properties following years of tax delinquency.


Sgt. Luis Nieves oversees state trooper efforts in Bristol Bay. He's been on the job at the Dillingham post since late spring.

KDLG: Alaska’s Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict in a domestic violence case tried in Dillingham in 2013.

That October, a jury of six found Josh Savo, now 28, of Dillingham guilty of fourth degree assault and interfering with the report of a domestic violence related crime. The state Public Defender Agency appealed the ruling, saying Savo’s attorney had been barred from mentioning a self-defense argument during jury selection or during the opening statement at the trial.  


Jorden Bishop, 29, from Palmer, pleaded guilty to possession of 22 grams of heroin police seized at the King Salmon Airport in June 2015. Will get two year sentence.

courtesy National Park Service

A Rapids Camp Lodge Beaver crashed after trying to take off from Crosswinds Lake Monday. Four of the seven onboard were injured.

A beach bonfire in Chignik Bay at the end of July took a turn for the worse when a man allegedly fired a shotgun at other party goers.

Harry Halsey, 40, who says he lives in Chignik Bay but keeps a Fairbanks mailing address, faces a total of ten charges relating mostly to fear assault and reckless endangerment.

State troopers in King Salmon were notified on Friday July 29 that a bonfire in Chignik Bay the night before had gotten out of hand, and that a heavily intoxicated Halsey had brandished a knife and even fired a shotgun at others.

Christopher Beck, 38, accused of driving near Naknek with a BAC of .320. Police say his Oregon license had been revoked from prior DUI's.

Anchorage grand jury does not find cause to indict Fr. Michael Nicolai, 40, on attempted sexual assault charge.

Father Michael Nicolai has been suspended from his duties at the Russian Orthodox church after allegations of domestic violence and attempted sexual assault. 


Nathan G. Wegner, 31, and Brandi N. Smith, 27, were found in possession of more than 23 grams of heroin and $6700 cash Thursday at Peterson Point. Wegner escaped custody Friday, but was recaptured within the hour. 

Authorities investigate shooting death in Ivanof Bay

Jul 20, 2016

A convoluted murder investigation is underway in the remote Alaska Peninsula village of Ivanof Bay.