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Pre-K in Igiugig is all in Yup'ik

Unglu is Igiugig's Yup'ik immersion pre-kindergarten program where toddlers are learning their native language through song, dance and play.

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After 87 years in a Smithsonian collection, bones of Igiugig ancestors return home

In 1931, a Smithsonian anthropologist excavated the bones of 24 men, women and children from a village site near Igiugig. After eight decades in the museum's collection, those remains were reburied near their original places of rest.

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Recent Shows and Trading Post

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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 16, 2017

Several big buyers post a $1/lb base price, the run shoots to 49 million, and the districts head to wide open or weekly schedules. As we wrap up our special coverage, ADF&G's Paul Salomone, Travis Ellison, and Tim Sands join for a preliminary recap of this incredible, historic year for the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery.

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A highly lubricated post-fishing season has continued to keep law enforcement busy.

Suravak Road expected to be paved in September, and the first five miles of Lake Road before fall freeze-up. Some work will start on the Dillingham Airport runway rehab.

After 28 months on the job, veteran prosecutor Clint Campion announced Friday he is stepping down as the Anchorage District Attorney. Campion took over in May, 2015, after Sharon Marshall retired.

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Beginning Sept. 17, the village of Igiugig will eat only traditional foods, locally raised foods and oatmeal for six weeks.

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With the funds in place to develop a museum exhibit about the 122-year-old NN Cannery in South Naknek, the project's next step is developing funding for research.


Officials from all eight Arctic nations will attend a meeting in Bethel on September 6 and 7, which will focus on conserving and managing Arctic plants and animals.


Archeologists, tribal leaders and volunteers are racing against time to recover as many artifacts as they can from Nunalleq, an ancient village along the coast outside of Quinhagak. This summer, volunteers found an average of 100-200 artifacts a day.

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The Lake and Peninsula Started school Sept. 5, later than any other Bristol Bay area school district.


NPS has recorded only three bear-related incidents dating to 1950 at its most famous viewing spot. Park rangers attribute that to good orientation, supervision, accountability of food and gear, and abundant supply of Bristol Bay sockeye. 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The program, which NOAA oversees, is funded by money from tariffs on seafood imported to the U.S.


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