Burn and Firework Bans Still in Effect for Southwest

Jun 30, 2015
Alaska Interagency Coordination Center

Smokejumpers sent to Paul's Creek fire; Kokwok Fire is nearly out; new fire burns NE of Twin Hills

Despite a bit of rain and humidity in recent days, the state says Southwest Alaska is still in extreme wildfire danger. There are 75 fires burning in Southwest as of Tuesday morning.

Division of Forestry spokesman Francis Mitchell says firefighters responded to the 8500-acre fire Paul’s Creek NE of Naknek Tuesday:

Togiak Wildlife Refuge

As of Tuesday, forestry officials reported 56 active fires in Southwest Alaska. 

Crews Battle New Wildfires in Southwest Region

Jul 31, 2013
Alaska Interagency Coordination Center

Lightning strikes ignited new fires in Southwest Alaska over the weekend.  Two fires are burning in the Nushagak drainage, while a second fire this summer is threatening Lime Village.  KDLG’s Ben Matheson has the story.

Fire Danger Low in Lake Clark National Park

Jul 3, 2013

Thanks to a few days of rain, fire officials say the fire danger in Lake Clark National Park is low.  The Currant Creek Fire 15 miles northeast of Port Alsworth continues to burn towards the east.  It stood at 1200 acres and is not expected to jump the Currant creek or present any danger to human life or structures.  

Wildfires Continue In Southwest Alaska

Jun 28, 2013

The Lime Hills Fire received much some needed rain over the past couple days, up to 6 tenths of an inch.  The fire shrank 46 thousand acres over 24 hours, according to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center.  It now stands at about 220 thousand acres, still by far the largest in the state.

The 6 acre fire that crossed the Stony River east of Lime Village has been caught.  A crew will continue to secure the slopover Friday. The Palmer based Midnight suns crew will depart for another fire.

J Mills / National Park Service

The fire in Lake Clark National park has grown more than 12,000 acres  in the last 3 days. The fire has extended both east and west and is over 11 miles long. It’s scorched a small runway. The four member Helitack team from McGrath is providing point protection at cabins near the fire and 8 new smoke jumpers dropped Monday as the fire moves toward cabins on a small lake to the east.

Alaska Interagency Coordination Center

The Lime Hills fire has grown to over 150 thousand acres and is the largest in the state.  76 fire fighters worked Sunday to improve the fire break between the southern edge of this fire and Lime Village.   The community sits across the Stony River from the fire.

Another 20 firefighters joined yesterday from a Lower-48 hotshot crew.  On the northwest side, the fire was running and torching trees, with up to 10 foot flames. Crews are now prepping additional cabins and allotments for protection.

3 New Wildfires Burn Near Crooked Creek

Jun 21, 2013

Near the Kuskokwim River, fire crews are working on 3 new lightning caused fires southwest of Crooked Creek, all within 2 miles of each other.  

An 80 acre fire burns at Village Creek along with a 40 acre fire at Qguahaydok  in tundra and black spruce.  Near the 8 acre Jung Juk  Creek fire, 4 initial attack squad crewmembers are laying hose and sprinklers for structure protection.

One of the state’s largest fires continues to threaten the interior community of Lime Village, aproaching as close as a half mile on Thursday. The raging wildfire  jumped across established fire lines Thursday to burn 80 acres near the village. Francis Mitchell is a Public Information officer with the division of Forestry.

"A local storm came in, from the northeast with some wind and a little squall.  It caused a break near the village.  Air tanker retardant drops and smokejumpers went in late Thursday and were able to catch the break," said Mitchell.