Senator Mark Begich

Bella Hammond Endorses Senator Begich

Sep 30, 2014

A prominent Alaska Native elder in the Bristol Bay region has come out publicly in support of Senator Mark Begich for another term in Congress. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Sen. Begich Visits Dillingham

Sep 1, 2014
Luke Brummer

Alaska’s junior Senator was in Dillingham this weekend as part of his bid for reelection this fall.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Begich Meets Fairbanks Leaders to Discuss F-35 Transfer

Aug 22, 2014

Alaska’s junior Senator was in Fairbanks Thursday to discuss the transfer of new planes to an Air Force base.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

BBNC Endorses Sen. Begich

Aug 12, 2014

The premier Democratic Candidate for US Senate has received endorsement from a local native corporation.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has details.

Begich Testifies in Hearing on FEMA and Alaska Natives

Jul 31, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

The government’s management of disasters and coordination with native tribes was the subject of a hearing in the US Senate Wednesday.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Begich Advances Bill on Incidental Water Discharge

Jul 28, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

Water discharged from fishing vessels and other marine watercraft is the subject of a new bill that has just advanced out of committee.  KDLG”s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

US House and Senate Attempt to Work on VA Reform

Jul 25, 2014

The Veterans’ reform bill recently passed by the US Senate by a vote of 93-3 increases access to health care for veterans as well as provides much-needed reforms to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  However, after the US House of Representatives met Wednesday night to try to pass its own version of the bill, US Senator Mark Begich spoke on to the Senate on his feelings towards the Veterans’ Conference Committee. 

Begich Sponsors Mental Health First Aid Bill

Jul 24, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

Mental health is the focus of a new bill introduced by U.S. Senator Mark Begich, specifically, mental health first aid.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Begich Sponsors Duck Stamp Rate Hike

Jul 23, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

One of the premier sources of funding for preserving wetlands may receive a rate increase.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Begich Comments on Alaska LNG License Filing

Jul 23, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

US Senator Mark Begich recently commented on the Alaska LNG Project’s filing for an export license.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more. 

Sealaska Endorses Senator Begich for Reelection

Jul 22, 2014

The regional Native Corporation for Southeast Alaska is endorsing U.S. Senator Mark Begich in his bid for reelection. Seaalaska is also endorsing Byron Mallott for Governor. Sealaska cited Senator Begich’s seniority and effectiveness as reasons for the endorsement. Byron Mallott received the corporation’s endorsement because of his long-term involvement in rural and Native issues. Sealaska currently has over 21.6-thousand shareholders.

Alaska LNG Project Applies for Export License

Jul 22, 2014

A state natural gas project has reached an important bureaucratic milestone.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Last week saw the unsuccessful attempt to pass a reversal of the Supreme Court’s ruling that stated it was in fact constitutional for businesses to refuse certain kinds of birth control to its employees based on the religion of the owners.  However, some Democrats are still pushing forward with a new bill to help employees understand their insurance.

Begich Says VA Issues a "Compounded" Problem

Jul 17, 2014
Senator Mark Begich

With increased military activity abroad, the United States now has 1.4 million additional veterans.  When they return from their tours of duty, it’s expected that those in need of medical care will get it from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  However, an Alaska senator says the VA has been fraught with funding issues, and the problem isn’t new.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

United States Coast Guard

With the purchase of Alaska in 1869, the United States became an Artic nation.  Though it shares that honor with several other countries, its goals in the region have not been strictly coordinated.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has the details on a government appointment that hopes to change that.