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In Haines, the borough assembly has decided to wait until the state finalizes legislation before taking any action on local rules on marijuana use and sales. But some residents aren’t waiting on the legislature.

Dean Lari’s phone has been ringing constantly since he posted an ad on the Haines community website titled “Cannabis Exchange.” In it, he says, “with Measure 2 we now have a great and legal way to exchange marijuana strains.”

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APRN:  Marijuana is in legal limbo in Alaska. Multiple bills in the Legislature will determine everything from permits to penalties, and in the meantime municipalities are scrambling find rules that protect the public, but also make room for an emerging industry. A new business in Anchorage is taking its first tentative steps forward navigating the shifting legal landscape.

Legislative Call In with Rep. Edgmon, March 24

Mar 24, 2015

District 37 Rep. Bryce Edgmon joins host Dave Bendinger to for an update on state business in Juneau, plus listeners calls, questions, and concerns.

An amendment adopted Friday by the Senate Finance Committee would reverse parts Alaska’s new marijuana law in rural parts of the state.

Parks Division plans to eliminate three positions statewide, including one at Wood Tikchik, to balance a $500,000 cut.

Bill to exempt Alaska from needing to change clocks twice a year passed 16-4 in the Senate Wednesday.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan made an appearance on Fox News to discuss a letter sent Monday to leaders in Iran.

Locals testify on state budget

Mar 6, 2015

Locals ask state budget committee to replace funding for Imagination Library and public broadcasting.

Senate Finance gets details on marijuana bill SB 30

Mar 6, 2015

Members of the Dept. of Law talked about some of the criminal issues of marijuana, which is now legal in small amounts.

FSB proposes change to rural determination process

Mar 4, 2015

Federal Subsistence Board opting to determine Alaska communities that aren't rural, rather than those that are.

Young, others, concerned about ATF ban on AR-15 ammo

Mar 4, 2015

239 members of Congress wrote a letter to ATF Director Wednesday, saying proposed ban interferes with Second Amendment rights.

Alaska House says 'no' to Aleutians Sanctuary

Mar 4, 2015

HJR 7, sponsored by Rep. Bryce Edgmon, says the Legislature is "vehemently opposed" to the idea of a massive maritime sanctuary around Aleutians.

Public media target of potential budget cuts

Feb 25, 2015

The Legislature is considering halving the amount of funding available for public broadcasting.

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Alaska's senior US Senator addressed a joint session of the state legislature in Juneau Wednesday.