Holly Johnson and Tracy Hightower each declared candidacy for Dillingham mayor Tuesday.


These stories originally aired on Bristol Bay and Beyond on July 31.

This interview originally aired on July 17 on KDLG's Bristol Bay and Beyond.

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The Republican Senator Dan Sullivan spoke to several dozen at an informal reception Wednesday afternoon. 

Sen. Murkowski will visit Iguigig, Sen. Sullivan Dillingham, and all three are expected to attend a private fundraiser in King Salmon.

Facing budget reduction, Dept. of Law Criminal Division spreading 15 personnel cuts around the state.

KDLG: The Bristol Bay Borough released unofficial results following last week's special election. 

By a 62 to 37 percent margin, voters agreed to a bond package not exceeding $14,000,000 to finance capital improvement projects to the Bristol Bay Borough School.

Voters also approved raising a property tax exemption rate from $20,0000 to $50,000 for residents in good standing with the Borough. That measure passed with 81 percent approval.

Offers strong words for EPA head Gina McCarthy during Interior Appropriations Subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

Public Broadcasting cut by 23.5 percent

Apr 30, 2015

Alaska’s public broadcasters dodged a bullet when the legislature’s regular session ended Monday.

Gov. Walker adopted into Tlinget Kaagwaantaan Clan

Apr 23, 2015

Gov. Bill Walker was recently adopted into the Tlingit Kaagwaantaan Clan. The ceremony happened during the 80th Assembly of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, where Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott was also given a lifetime achievement award.

Edgmon, Seaton propose state income tax

Apr 3, 2015

Edgmon tells KDLG News Friday the two hope to have at least one hearing on HB 182 in order to get a conversation started.

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APRN:  The Alaska Legislature has passed a bill meant to keep Gov. Bill Walker from spending money on an alternate gasline proposal. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez reports the action is part of an ongoing power struggle between Republican leadership and the governor over the state’s most high-profile megaproject.

transcript below:

It’s the legislative equivalent of two semi trucks playing chicken. The governor has said he would veto the bill; the Legislature nearly has the number to override him; and no one’s really sure who will win.

Emily Files, KCAW

In Haines, the borough assembly has decided to wait until the state finalizes legislation before taking any action on local rules on marijuana use and sales. But some residents aren’t waiting on the legislature.

Dean Lari’s phone has been ringing constantly since he posted an ad on the Haines community website titled “Cannabis Exchange.” In it, he says, “with Measure 2 we now have a great and legal way to exchange marijuana strains.”

Zachariah Hughes

APRN:  Marijuana is in legal limbo in Alaska. Multiple bills in the Legislature will determine everything from permits to penalties, and in the meantime municipalities are scrambling find rules that protect the public, but also make room for an emerging industry. A new business in Anchorage is taking its first tentative steps forward navigating the shifting legal landscape.