Citing a Dec. 2016 DUI and alleged car theft, 18 people signed a petition to start a recall of Newhalen council president Henry Olympic last October, but that was short of the threshold to trigger a vote.

Borough planner Becky Savo installed as interim manager after Monday’s special meeting.

Berett Wilber / KUCB

KUCB, Unalaska: Members of the Unalaska City Council are under investigation.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Mike Holman confirmed to KUCB that the Unalaska Department of Public Safety is investigating current and potentially former city councilors. 

Holman declined to comment on the scope of the inquiry.

The House Speaker from Dillingham sat down with KDLG Monday for an interview about the session and other recent topics of interest.


The city's appeal of Local Boundary Commission Jan. 24 rejection is moving ahead in court. Dillingham argues the LBC's reconsideration was unlawful, and that the city was not granted a fair hearing. An attorney for the state, plus opponents led by Ekuk, say LBC was perfectly within its rights to correct its earlier wrong.

Monica Waring

Unofficial results are in from many of the area communities' October 3 elections. Canvassing committees will finalize those results in the coming weeks, counting absentee and question ballots.

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New city manager accepted the city council's offer and will move from Seldovia to Dillingham by Nov. 8. The retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel is "excited to get to Dillingham and work with the Mayor, City Council and Citizens to continue the momentum developed in the City.”


Write-in candidates still welcome to register for most races, but deadlines vary. Municipal elections held Tuesday, Oct. 3, or done by mail in the Lake and Peninsula Borough.


Res. 2017-08 proposes changes to who gets automatic tax exempt status, which small business must collect sales tax, and raising the sales tax cap from $2,000 to $5,000. A workshop and two public hearings are being planned before it comes up for a vote.

City of Dillingham considers tobacco tax

Jun 20, 2017

The City of Dillingham is considering a tobacco tax that could add a quarter million dollars to the general fund.

Dillingham City Council Passes 2018 Budget

Jun 16, 2017

The Dillingham City Council passed its FY2018 budget last night. They also discussed a foreclosed property and addressed a citizen concern regarding the denied services list.

Allison Mollenkamp

On Monday night the city's finance and budget committee met to discuss the proposed f/y 2018 budget. Their recommendations will be presented to the full council Thursday night ahead of a vote.

Southwest legislators discussed House and Senate priorities for how to address a nearly $3 billion deficit at the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference in Anchorage March 3.

Update: More money for the Alaska Marine Highway

Mar 13, 2017
Ed Schoenfeld / CoastAlaska News - Juneau

The House Finance Committee on Thursday added about $2.1 million to the Alaska Marine Highway budget. Gov. Bill Walker’s spending plan, released in December, included $2.8 million – or two percent – less than this year’s budget.

State of Alaska

Recent $120,000 study into possible Dillingham Census Area Borough finds paths to feasibility but so far little to no support or interest from the region.