Department of Education

Hannah Colton/KDLG

A statewide salary schedule would be too expensive and wouldn't do enough to retain teachers, says a new state-ordered study by the UAA.

Skip Gray/360 North

Draft legislation calls for the repeal of AMP, which a group of district superintendents say is not meeting schools' needs. 

Village of Igiugig

Raising the school threshold to 20 could save an estimated $7 million, but rural districts and lawmakers say such a change would be a "death knell" for small communities. 

Dillingham Schools Improving in ASPI Scores

Sep 18, 2014

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development released this year’s school ratings earlier this month.  Dillingham Schools faired very well, improving across the board.  This is part of the Alaska School Performance Index.  

The ASPI was adopted by the state in 2013.  The index rates schools on a 100 point scale.  The points are awarded based on test scores, improvement on tests, attendance, standardized tests and graduation rates.  The schools are the given ratings based on a scale of one-five, five being the best.