Bristol Bay

Port Moller test fishery may see delay

Jun 7, 2016

The earliest news about where fish are headed might be a day late this summer.

RSW class planned this weekend in Dillingham

May 31, 2016

Refrigerated seawater system operator class planned in Dillingham

Fishermen prep for 2016 reg changes

May 25, 2016

No more free week, a loophole closed in Togiak, and a change for d-boats are among the 2016 changes

Carl Johnson

As fishermen prepare for the coming season, one newly-christened organization is looking to pay more attention to the their bottom line.

Molly Dischner/KDLG News

Boats aren’t the only thing that have to be prepped for the fishery. Workshops in Dillingham and Naknek this week will give fishermen a chance to get ready for the business side of fishing.

The numbers are clear. Fewer Bristol Bay residents hold fishing permits now than did when they were first issued. What’s less clear is why that’s happened.

Bristol Bay fishermen prepare for quality mandates

Mar 23, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG

The coming mandate for higher quality fish deliveries in Bristol Bay could be particularly difficult for watershed residents, but some have said it could also be good news in the long-term.

Bristol Bay fishermen tour the East Coast

Mar 15, 2016
Courtesy of AMCC

Bristol Bay drifters were among the ten young Alaska fishermen who toured the East Coast this month.

Courtesy Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A recent study said that no matter how far from shore an Area M fisherman fishes, the majority of his sockeye catch in the Outer Port Heiden section is likely to be headed to Bristol Bay.

OceanBeauty signing up fishermen for 2016

Jan 8, 2016

BBEDC CEO says OceanBeauty looking for a few good fishermen.

Molly Dischner/KDLG

A rapidly circulating petition online has some fishermen calling for the state's help with sockeye salmon prices.

Ugashik could see another big year

Nov 6, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

Fish and Game says Egegik and Ugashik districts could see a combined return of 12 million sockeye - less than last year, but still plenty to harvest.


46.5 million. That's the number of sockeye forecast to return to Bristol Bay's rivers next summer, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Bristol Bay 2015 season summary: 3rd-largest run ever

Sep 7, 2015
Dewey Hemilright

Fish and Game released numbers counting a near-record-setting run total of 58 million sockeye;  harvest was counted at 37.6 million sockeye

Pebble asks for subpoena of former EPA employee

Aug 18, 2015

The Pebble Partnership has asked a federal judge to subpoena a former EPA employee in the lawsuit over the EPA's path to a proposed Clean Water Act designation in Bristol Bay.