Bristol Bay Fisheries Report

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The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, produced by the KDLG news crew, is dedicated to the one-of-a-kind commercial fishery in Bristol Bay. Starting in mid-June, the show airs nightly at 6:30 p.m. (with an early broadcast at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday), with replays at 10 p.m. and again at 2 a.m. Join us here for the latest news, numbers, and information from the fishery, plus nightly analysis, stories, and conversations.

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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, June 18 2016

Jun 18, 2016

Nushagak district set netters get a stormy opener tonight, and BBRSDA Mike Friccero joins by phone. Those stories, plus a rundown of the daily data, on the BBFR.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 17, 2016

Jun 17, 2016
Cate Gomez/KDLG

Area Management Biologist explains when the Wood River Special Harvest Area might be used, Curry Cunningham talks about University of Washington's 50-million fish forecast, and a few fishermen report from the grounds.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 16, 2016

Jun 16, 2016

Westside area management biologist Tim Sands tells us about the plans for the Nushagak District, and Dr. Scott Raborn explains what the Port Moller numbers mean.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 15, 2016

Jun 15, 2016

The feds are working on the plan to keep fishing boats away from walrus, Egegik and Ugashik Manager Paul Salomone reminds us it's still early, and a look at the ecolabels that help sell salmon abroad. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 14, 2016

Jun 14, 2016

An Egegik set netter weighs in on the Bristol Bay run timing, Area M's South Peninsula AMB Lisa Fox tells us about a building sockeye and surprising pink catch, and some Naknek drifters can, finally, listen to Katy Perry in their boat yard.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 13, 2016

Jun 13, 2016

Copper River Seafoods posts a price, Naknek/Kvichak AMB Travis Elison joins, and a greenhorn tells us what she's expecting for season number one.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 24, 2015

Jul 24, 2015
Tom Glass, F/V Brown Dog

At nearly 51 million sockeye so far, the 2015 Bristol Bay run is the fifth largest on record. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 23, 2015

Jul 23, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

There's an emergency Board of Fisheries meeting tomorrow to discuss who can fish in Togiak, when - plus, more fishermen react to the season's low price.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 22, 2015

Jul 22, 2015
Molly Dischner/KDLG

Bristol Bay sockeye run hit about 50 million fish....and fishermen were dismayed at the 50-cent base price posted at a couple of canneries.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 21, 2015

Jul 21, 2015
Matt Martin/KDLG

Bristol Bay sockeye catches on the decline today - 751,000 landed bay-wide....and next summer, more processors can sell to certain European markets.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 20, 2015

Jul 20, 2015

Another million fish harvested yesterday, and economist Gunnar Knapp tells us the strange run can mean uncertainty in the sockeye market.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 19, 2015

Jul 19, 2015

Saturday's catch was 1.3 million sockeye. Is the effort slowing before the run? The BBFR coming to your Fishtival in Naknek tonight!

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 18, 2015

Jul 18, 2015

Friday proves another big day of catch and escapement, and the run shows fewer signs of showing than the fishing effort. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 17, 2015

Jul 17, 2015
Dewey Hemilright

The fishery is usually winding down this time of year, but  folks on the east side say catches - and the wind - is going strong.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 16, 2015

Jul 16, 2015
Matt Martin/KDLG

Naknek-Kvichak strong catches are daily records, and a long-time fisheries reporter says there's been less chatter about the market than usual.