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Bristol Bay and Beyond, hosted by KDLG News Director Dave Bendinger, is our weekly newsmagazine with stories, conversations, and an occasional poem, essay, or song.

It's your home for a recap of the week's news and feature stories from Bristol Bay (and beyond). We love getting your ideas for stories or conversations you'd like to hear!

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JoAnne Knight

An update on this year's Beaver Roundup and a look back to years gone by. Rapper Samuel Johns talks about his message to youth, plus fish news.

JoAnne Knight

Author Annie Boochever on her novel Bristol Bay Summer, a gas war in Dillingham?, some speakers who say Ni, and thoughts on Beaver Round Up.

Clark Fair

Legal pot's do's and don'ts, the Leroy B. Dick Jr. case wraps up, a look at the puny winter, and a s-w-e-e-t-h-e-a-r-t speller stops in. 

Clark Fair, Yvonne Leutwyler

An update on VPSOs firearms training, a conversation with DCSD Superintendent Bill McLeod, and thoughts on accessing Dillingham's backcountry.

Joanne Knight

Pebble CEO Tom Collier talks federal lawsuits, Bryce Edgmon has reaction to Gov.'s budget address, a preview of the Coffeehouse, and more.

Clark Fair

This week: Annexation passes, budget woes ahead of legislative session, K300 getting underway, and advice for a healther 2015.

Annexation, varsity basketball, a glut of reds on the world market, and (even) more ways to find a good read in Dillingham.

Joanne Knight

DPD Chief talks battling the heroin trade in town, new mini-libraries should be popping up soon, Manokotak has a new VPSO, and more ...

Clark Fair

Thoughts on healthy choices for 2015, a visit to Port Heiden, a look at the history of reindeer in Bristol Bay, and more.

Clark Fair

President Obama protects Bristol Bay, the importance of prenatal care, and keeping Jewish tradition in Dillingham.

Clark Fair

A longtime Bristol Bay resident passes, Pebble and EPA haggle in federal court, a visit to the Ekwok School, an update on Wood River Bridge, and that pool in Bethel.

Brian Abraham, Togiak IGAP.

Dillingham city council picks a new member, residents gear up for a festive weekend, Bristol Bay buy back discussed at Pac Marine Expo, plus a look back at the week's news.