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Bristol Bay and Beyond, hosted by KDLG News Director Dave Bendinger, is our weekly newsmagazine with stories, conversations, and an occasional poem, essay, or song.

It's your home for a recap of the week's news and feature stories from Bristol Bay (and beyond). We love getting your ideas for stories or conversations you'd like to hear!

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Coming up this week, HIV in Bristol Bay, Sen. Coghill on SB 91, Slaviq, dog mushing decline, and leaving a felony behind.


The hour long ICYMI edition: we revisit a few stories from 2016, including the two billionth salmon, a dramatic sea rescue, the hard to witness death of two gray whales, plus prom, walrus, poetry, and more.

Susie Jenkins-Brito

This week, a portrait of life on the streets. Plus, what Dick Proenneke's journals reveal about his life after fame. Speaker Bryce Edgmon joins to talk tough choices, a poem from Kokhanok, and Christmas bread.

Avery Lill/ KDLG

Sen. Dan Sullivan on his priorities and Trump cabinet picks. Plus why wrestling rocks, and a profile of one standout young athlete. Subway's closing for a bit, church at the Dillingham jail, and lots of singing kids. 

Avery Lill / KDLG

Port Alsworth absorbs loss of four in downed plane. Plus, we talk low bull moose numbers, get a winning recipe for moose heart migas, visit a new coffee shop, and get tips for running those under-run snow go's.

This week, reaction on annexation petitions passing LBC hurdle, solar power in Naknek, a local potter tells us about her work, and outgoing judge Pat Douglass joins for our Friday conversation.


Come along for a trip around the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, with conversations with Andy Wink, Lange Solberg, Fish and Game's Sam Cotten, poetry, new gear, and more.

Robyn Chaney for KDLG

Voices from polling day, Kim Williams' reaction to election, Speaker Edgmon, O'Hara's 23 years on the RAC, and an honor roll from the Veteran's Day assembly. 

Robyn Chaney

This week, DPD Chief Pasquariello on murder, arson, and meth, plus hydroponic greens on the local shelves, a crab boat captain tells about the season, and a lifelong Cubs fan on World Series Game 7.


This week, will we have a real winter? Plus an update from Fish and Feast, reflecting on the fishery with Mike Friccero, what the kids are wearing this Halloween, and a 'little cowboy' takes to wing.

courtesy Robyn Chaney

This week, an update from Quinhagak following series of heroin overdoses. Plus, how translation at polling sites is going around Bristol Bay, boating safety, and Raina Thiele joins for our Friday conversation.


AST's Sgt. Luis Nieves drops by, plus Wild Salmon Day and thoughts on protecting fishermen too. An elder shares about traditional spirituality, and Si Khan sings us out.

Lisa Andreano, Michael Walgren, courtesy USFWS

This week, we go looking for that two billionth salmon, visit with historian John Branson, get the skinny on reported PSP in Chigniks, and hear about two gray whales that died badly at Cape Pierce. 

Hannah Colton

This week, no commercial salmon fishing in Kusko, reaction to the Governor's budget vetoes from some of you and Rep. Bryce Edgmon, plus culture camp at Kijik.


Why Brexit matters to Bristol Bay, plus more on that Togiak herring making a splash in Seattle this week, a bear ripped a hole in a house, and "Where Water is Gold" author Carl Johnson joins.