Winter Sports and Climate Change

Jan 22, 2015

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Two members of “Ski The Big Three” begin the long Sultana Ridge climb on Foraker. The group of four ski mountaineered Hunter, Foraker and Denali in 2014.
Credit Evan Pletcher

If winter defines us as Alaskans, as skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, what happens when we start to lose winter? We’ve seen that happening. In 2014 we had a warm and largely snow-free January, and when the next winter came around it was late and warm. Strange weather is becoming the new normal and we’re forced to adapt to climate change, because we don’t have a choice. On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’ll look at what that means from scientific and a practical perspective.

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  • Ben Powell, NSAA operations director
  • Dr. Jackie Dawson, University of Ottowa, Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy
  • Dr. Liz Burakowski, National Center for Atmospheric Research

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