Vehicle Theft in DLG; Two 15 Year Boys Suspected of "Joyriding"

Oct 16, 2013

DILLINGHAM:  At around 12:30 midnight Sunday, two Dillingham police officers found a pickup truck in the ditch off Waskey Road. The truck belongs to the Tikchik Narrows Lodge; the officers determined it had been stolen from its winter storage.

Two 15-year old boys, names withheld on account of their juvenile status, were found walking down Waskey Road. Police believe they stole the vehicle and were on a bit of a joyride before it was crashed in the ditch.

Neither of the teens were injured in the crash, nor was any damage done to the vehicle.

The police do not believe the boys were drinking. One was cited by police for driving without a valid license, and vehicle theft charges were forwarded to the Division of Juvenile Justice.