Togiak Man Arrested for Bootlegging

Oct 24, 2013

Ryan S. Andrew, 30, of Togiak was arrested Thursday in connection with an effort to import and sell R&R whiskey in the dry village.

DILLINGHAM:  Earlier this week, Tasha Echuck, 20, was arrested as she boarded a flight to Togiak with 12 bottles of Rich and Rare whiskey. 

Echuck told authorities she had purchased the whiskey for another person who planned to sell the alcohol in the dry village.

On Thursday, after an investigation by the Dillingham WAANT unit, the Togiak VPSO, and the Dillingham VPSO, Ryan Andrew, 30, was arrested in Togiak. Andrew is being charged with misdemeanor importation and a felony charge for attempting to sell liquor without a license.

Authorities believe Andrew gave Echuck the money to purchase the whiskey, and told her how to bring it from Dillingham to Togiak. He allegedly promised to split the proceeds after the whiskey was sold for profit in the village. Echuck had no prior criminal history before being arrested this week.

Andrew was expected to be arraigned on the charges Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Based on prior convictions, and at least one felony conviction for sexual assault, Andrew may face a mandatory presumptive sentence if convicted.