Togiak Herring Update... Over Half the Quota Caught

May 17, 2013

Over half of the quota available in the Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery has been harvested.

On Thursday the purse seine fleet hauled in another 1.2-thousand tons of herring on 22 deliveries.      The roe percentage of Thursday's purse seine catch was 9.8-percent. Through Thursday the purse seine harvest is 11.6-thousand tons of herring out of their total quota of just over 21-thousand tons. The gillnet fleet hauled in 566-tons of herring on Thursday on 66-deliveries. The roe percentage was 10.3-percent. Through Thursday the gillnet fleet has hauled in over 3.5-thousand tons of herring out of their quota of just over 9-thousand tons.       Currently the gillnet part of the fishery is open until further notice and the purse seine fishery is open through Saturday night at 8.