SW District cuts ribbon on new Koliganek school

Sep 1, 2015

Teachers and 58 students are adjusting to modern, bigger school with new tech and sports facilities

Credit David Piazza

Last week, 58 students in Koliganek attended their first day of class in a brand new school.

Audio transcript: 

After construction delays last summer, the new home of the Koliganek Huskies officially opened last week.

Principal Cody McCanna says the first day of school was Thursday, with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday.

"It was exciting, actually. We had most of the community out, it was a nice day…"

Kay Andrews, Southwest Region School District School Board President and Alaska State Representative Bryce Edgmon cut the ribbon on the new Koliganek School.
Credit Kyle Schneider

McCanna says students are especially excited about new sports facilities - an outdoor concrete basketball court and wood-floored gymnasium . Another highlight is the new educational technology:

"It came with new computers, we're gonna get new iPads as well, they're all updated, they're all working… In the classrooms we have projectors from the ceilings that have AV equipment hookups, so there's gonna be a lot of possibilities for teachers to utilize those."

After spending last year cramped for space in the old building, McCanna says students are still adjusting to the layout of the new school.

"All K-12 students now are at one end of the building and their doors are just literally feet apart. So that creates some new traffic flows that kids are getting used to... but it’s just a really nice space. You can see everyone’s excitement in the kids and the parents as they were going through the building and looking, at  just how nice is really was. So it was exciting and it still is."

McCanna says this fall also brings the school more new teachers than usual – there are three new faces, plus a former Koliganek student returning as a teacher.  

Aerial view of the new Koliganek School, with its outdoor basketball court and new playground.
Credit David Piazza

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