The Sunken Tender Lone Star is Still Leaking Fuel into the Igushik River

Jul 16, 2013

Fuel is still leaking from the sunken tender Lone Star that’s sitting in the mouth of the Igushik River. Pictures obtained by KDLG News from an independent overflight of the Lone Star shows a distinct fuel sheen coming from the vessel, which sank on June 30th.

The effort to lighter the fuel off the vessel has not yet started and the Coast Guard confirms that the goal is to begin the lightering effort on Wednesday depending on the weather. Responders have been staging equipment that will be used in the lightering effort and the Magone Marine Services owned response vessel Western Viking is on-scene along with the tug Double Eagle. The effort to lighter the fuel off the vessel was scheduled to get started on Monday or Tuesday but has apparently been delayed.

The leaking fuel from the Lone Star forced the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to close the local setnet fishery along Igushik Beach and a large 6-mile closure was put in place around the Lone Star for the driftnet fleet. The owner of the Lone Star contracted with the Meredith Management Group, which provides emergency management services. A reprehensive with the Group informed KDLG News on Monday that a claims representative was scheduled to arrive in Dillingham Tuesday as part of the process for those impacted by the sinking of the Lone Star to make a claim for damages. The owner of the vessel is Burrece Fisheries Incorporated and the company is accepting claims for uncompensated damages and removal costs. According to a published public notice, costs which may be compensated include damage to natural resources, damage to property, the loss of subsistence resources, and the loss of profits or earnings. The Meredith Management Group stresses that claims need to be submitted in writing for a specified amount and need to include all evidence supporting the damages. The Group has published a couple of numbers for those impacted by the sinking of the Lone Star to call for more information about claims. The newest number is 1-800-981-1283 and the number that’s been floating around for over a week is 610-725-8286. The public notice that has been distributed around Dillingham and Manokotak also includes a mailing address for claims. The Meredith Management Group notes that any claims which are denied or not resolved in 90-days can be submitted to the National Pollution Funds Center.

A fuel sheen is spotted coming from the sunken tender Lone Star.
Credit Russel Nelson