Sockeye Escapement to the Nushagak River is Approaching the Upper End of the Escapement Goal

Jul 2, 2013

The escapement of sockeye salmon to the rivers in the Nushagak District continues to clip along well ahead of schedule for this time in the season.

Another 17.7-thousand sockeye were counted Monday as escapement to the Nushagak River to push the season total to 725.2-thousand fish. It looks likely that escapement will approach or even exceed the upper end of the escapement goal of 760-thousand sockeye. Fish and Game reports that sockeye escapement to the Wood River was counted at nearly 41-thousand sockeye on Monday, with another 4-thousand fish counted through 6 o’clock Tuesday morning. That pushes the season total to over 887.2-thousand sockeye. That’s well within the escapement goal of 700-thousand to 1.5-million sockeye. Escapement to the Igushik River was counted at 5.1-thousand fish on Monday to push the season total to over 172.3-thousand sockeye. That’s within the escapement goal of 150-thousand to 300-thousand fish.

The other large counting project in the Nushagak District is to count the escapement of Nushagak River king salmon. Another 2.3-thousand king were counted Monday to push the season total to over 71.7-thousand kings. The escapement goal is 95-thousand kings.