Snake Lake staking application open till 11/25

Nov 16, 2014

Information can be found at <> website.

Credit Dept. of Natural Resources

There is just about a week left to apply to stake a parcel on Snake Lake, northwest of Dillingham. The application period closes at 5pm, November 25.  The lottery drawing will be December 11.

Applicants need to pay a $25 non-refundable fee. For those who are selected, the staking period will run from February to August.

Parcels on Snake Lake are estimated to range from $428 per acre to $2,128 per acre, depending on the size of the parcel and its vicinity to the water.

The minimum parcel size is five acres, and the maximum is 20 acres. DNR will allow for up to 50 staking authorizations on Snake Lake during this offering.

An easy way to apply is through the website

Credit Dept. of Natural Resources