Slow Down in School Parking Lot, says DCSD

Dec 13, 2013

Some drivers never tap their brakes as they swing through to drop their kids off in the dark morning hours.

Some parents and school officials are concerned about cars moving too fast in the Dillingham Schools parking lot in the dark morning hours.  

Assistant Superintendent Danny Frazier is asking parents and other drivers to please slow down, drive carefully, and watch for children walking to school.

"It's really dark this time of the year, the parking lot is slick, and the we've got children bundled up with their hoods on who can't look around as easily," Frazier said Friday.

"If you come through the parking lot a little too fast on the slick surfaces, you may not be able to stop in time to avoid those children."

Health officials also recommend adding reflective tape to children’s coats and backpacks to make them more visible in the dark hours.