Police say wanted man slipped out of city limits, likely in Aleknagik

Sep 6, 2016

Christian A Young, 24, of Anchorage, is wanted on a robbery charge and suspected of trafficking heroin into Bristol Bay.

Lake Aleknagik.
Credit Luke Brummer / KDLG

KDLG: Dillingham’s most sought after fugitive remains at large, but has likely left DPD jurisdiction.

Police and state troopers were looking for Christian Andre Young, a 24-year-old from Anchorage through the weekend, starting Friday around noon when he fled on foot from police near the airport.

"He still hasn’t been caught," said DPD chief Dan Pasquariello Monday morning. "The last verifiable sighting we have of this man here in the community of Dillingham would have been around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. From information we’ve received, we suspect he’s in the community of Aleknagik, trying to get upriver.”

Pasquariello said that the last "verifiable sighting" was at an area home Young was at to make phone calls.

Young is wanted on a robbery charge out of Anchorage. News of the search for his whereabouts Friday and his suspected ties to heroin trafficking to town caught the attention of the public, and police were inundated with tips that kept them on their toes over the holiday weekend.

“And we’re grateful for those tips," said Pasquariello. "As far as the town being in any danger, I think a little bit of hysteria happened. There’s always somebody with a warrant. [Other] people got arrested on warrants while we were looking for Christian Young.”

Still, the amount of attention garnered during the search will likely make Young’s business dealings in Dillingham a little tougher in the future. Pasquariello said he is now a "known entity" to more than just his associates.

“We’re confident that if he does come back, warrant or no, people will inform us," the chief said.

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