Police Arrest DLG Man For Pointing "Rifle" at Woman

Dec 18, 2013

"All the hairs on my body stood up," said the victim, after Andy Larsen Jr., 47, pointed a rifle at her early on Tuesday morning.

DILLINGHAM:  Police responded to a house on Waskey Road after taking a report early Tuesday that a man was pointing a hunting rifle at a woman inside.

After getting everyone out of the house, officers arrested Andy Larsen Jr., 47.

It turned out the rifle he had been pointing at the woman was a scoped Remington .177 pellet rifle, but the woman didn’t know that. She told police she thought it was at least a .30-06 caliber hunting rifle, and that she was scared for her life when Larsen aimed it at her.

Police say Larsen had been drinking. He was charged with felony assault in the third degree, for placing another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury with a dangerous weapon.

He was arraigned Wednesday in Dillingham. Bail was set at $1,000.