Overnight House Fire in Dillingham

May 10, 2013

The Downs family is safe and sound after a fire broke out at the Seventh Day Adventist teacherage overnight Thursday.

Volunteers finish putting out the fire at the Seventh Day Adventist teacherage in Dillingham early Friday morning.
Credit KDLG

DILLINGHAM:   Warren Downs said the sound of crackling fire woke his family just before 1am on Friday.

He and his wife collected their three girls and hustled outside as the fire quickly crept up the side of the house and into the upstairs attic where the girls had been sleeping.

"Divine intervention," said Downs.

The fire was started outside by improperly stored ash from the wood stove. It spread to wood piles stacked along the porch, then quickly up the walls of the house.

Firefighters and EMS personnel from the Dillingham Volunteer Dept., as well as other local volunteers, were on scene in minutes. They were able to contain the blaze before it consumed the house.

"There's some local structural damage, and smoke and water damage throughout, but it's possible the house can be saved," said Assistant Fire Chief Malcolm Wright.

The family was able to collect a few belongings, phones and laptops included, as firefighters wrapped up in the early hours Friday.

Fire crews were clear of the scene by 4am.

The teacherage is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church, and is used to house teachers from the church's school. Warren Downs and his family had only recently moved into the home.