Nunn indicted in alleged strangling, kidnapping of ex-girlfriend

Jan 24, 2017

Carl Perry Nunn, 29, of Dillingham was charged in the "brutal" assault of a female victim who said she was strangled several times, dragged around by her ankles, and driven in a truck that was crashed into a ditch.

A Dillingham man is facing a several felony charges for what police and the prosecution say was a "brutal" strangulation and assault against his then girlfriend.

Audio Transcript: The case dates to last November, when it was reported to police that a female had been attacked and taken to the hospital. The victim told the investigating officer that her boyfriend, 29-year-old Carl P. Nunn, had strangled her while they sat in a truck, and that she had blacked out multiple times.

Assistant District Attorney Pamela Dale secured indictments from a grand jury on several counts of assault, which she described to the presiding judge during a recent court hearing.

"Count one was a strangulation that was so bad that quite frankly she thought that her throat was crushed, because once he stopped strangling her she was trying to vomit and couldn’t catch her breath. I guess the point I want to make is that this was a very brutal case."

Nunn allegedly continued the attack outside the vehicle, dragging the victim by her legs down a set of porch steps, then putting her back in the truck. Police say the strangulation continued while Nunn drove off, and he eventually crashed into a ditch. The grand jury handed down an indictment for kidnapping, which police had not even charged.

Since his arrest, Dale says Nunn has contacted the victim many times trying to get her to stop cooperating with authorities.

“Many, many, many of his jail calls, your Honor, and you’ll see that he’s charged with compounding ... he offered her $2000 heroin and unlimited sex with him if she were to help him get out of this.”

He now faces a total of 15 charges, most for unlawful contact from the prison calls.

Dale asked that the bail be raised to $10,000 plus a third party custodian, which Judge Daniel Schally granted. Nunn, on the phone from a state prison, interrupted the hearing several times and was admonished by the judge.

Nunn pleaded guilty last fall to a charge of destroying evidence of an auto accident after his truck rolled down Windmill Hill and destroyed a city pump house building in October.

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